Fresh Royale Oysters by David Hervé




Airflown from France on Fridays.

The most adventurous!

To taste it is to travel from Utah Beach through Spain, Portugal and Ireland. It’s taking the time to discover the unique flavors of each terroir that she meets and rubs shoulders with for four long years. Backpacker, this big sister of the Special, all round and fleshy, raised only in the open sea, undeniably surprises with its always unique and sometimes unexpected flavor notes. An oyster that brings color and life to the plate and that will appeal to connoisseurs!

A generous shell which inspires to cook it and to taste it hot. Naturally, gourmet flavors that make it the accomplice of fine dining.

Volume of flesh: 16 to 18% of the weight.
Growing method: 4 years at sea.
Seasonal availability: All year long.