Fresh Tarbouriech Speciale Oysters

From: 3,290.00

From: 3,290.00

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Airflown from France.

An excellent oyster, the Tarbouriech® Special, also called the pink oysters. A unique and patented breeding method: la Marée Solaire.

Aesthetically, the shell is slightly pink and their mother-of-pearl is exceptionally white. They are twice as full and fleshy than the original Bouzigues and have an inimitable hazelnut taste. The crunchy muscle and the soft, pink-coloured flesh give a perfect balance in the mouth with a sweet-iodized flavour.

The Tarbouriech Speciale oysters has become an oyster of excellence, a benchmark in the French haute cuisine sector. Often served on the tables of the greatest starred chefs (Pierre Gagnaire, Guy Savoy, Gilles Goujon, Alain Ducasse, Franck Putelat etc.).