Who We Are

Dough and Grocer (D&G) is a specialty food outlet that features premium, restaurant quality products, pantry staples, fresh and frozen goods, and other ingredients for your home cooking and dining needs. Our mission is to indulge your passion in food by bringing to your home a five star cooking and dining experience combined with utmost convenience and safety. Give reign to your inner foodie with our assortment of everyday and premium meat and seafood, easy and delicious meals, and hard-to-find ingredients sourced locally and internationally.

We are a team of passionate food lovers who have years of experience in various aspects of the food industry–from growing to processing, from manufacturing to distribution, from retailing to food service—we know food, and we are committed to quality at all points of the supply chain.

In a world where a multitude of options abound, let us do the curation so that you can focus on the creation.

We Have Options For All Your Culinary Personalities

We provide you with an array of options to fit your culinary mood and personality.

Pressed for time? We have quick, easy, and delicious meal options that require minimal prep time. We do all the preparation so you can focus on the presentation.

Indulging your inner chef? We provide you with the inspiration so you can complete your gastronomic creation. From hard-to-find, premium ingredients to pantry basics, from recipes to meal ideas, we are your partner in your culinary adventures.

Can’t Cook? We provide ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat restaurant quality, meal options. No sweat!