Fresh Boudeuse Oysters by David Hervé

From: 4,990.00

From: 4,990.00


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Airflown from France.

The little one with generous flavors …
An exception…
A bit stubborn, the Boudeuse seems not to have wanted to grow up. In reality, the repeated movements of the waves of the Atlantic Ocean have slowed its growth. But behind this small shell with rounded shapes, it hides treasures of flavors. Crisp, flirtatious, it excels in sweetness, finesse and gluttony. A generous oyster!
… To share
If the Boudeuse likes to invite herself to all meals, she does not shy away from the aperitifs that she sublimates with their finesse and sweetness.

Taste notes: Small / sweet
Volume of flesh: 14 to 16% of the weight.
Growing method: 3 years at sea.
Seasonal availability: All year long.