Russian King Crab Clusters

From: 5,840.10

From: 5,840.10

Red King Crab, Legs Clusters. Cooked frozen.

The King Crab ( Paralithodes camtschaticus) is a species caught in the Bering Sea and the Barents Sea. It was introduced in Murmansk (Russia) in the 60s and today it has been moving towards Norwegian waters, becoming a new and valuable resource.

The King Crab can reach a wingspan of 1.8 meters and weigh more than 10 kg. Recognized as one of the best seafood in the world, it is part of the menu of prestigious restaurants.

King Crab is a product appreciated for the quality of its meat with a juicy texture, sweet taste and a filling that can reach 90%. Our product is processed on board and has a low caloric content and 20% protein of high biological value, ideal for low-calorie diets.