Kaviari Baeri Royal Caviar

From: 3,250.00

From: 3,250.00

Caviar from sturgeon “Acipenser Baeri”, from Siberia. Latest addition to Kaviari’s range, this caviar is distinguished by the size of its grains. Baeri Royal Caviar comes from a selection by Kaviari of the largest and the finest grain of Acipenser Baeri. Coming from a species of sturgeon living in Russia, it was raised in France. Its delicate salting allows the full expression of its fine flavor.

Its grains of large size ranging from dark gray to golden brown burst in the mouth to allow the spread of a fine and fresh flavor with woody hints and iodized dry fruit. Sparsely iodized and moderately salty, this caviar will please fine palates with its subtle complexity. Unique and iodized flavours with a silky smoked taste.

Ingredients: sturgeon eggs, 100% pure salt with no preservative.
Origin: Europe.
Preservation: keep cold at 0 ° / + 4 °. Can be kept in the fridge for 3 months before opening. After opening, must be consumed within 48 hours.
Useful recommendation: allow 30 to 50g per person – 15g for an appetizer (en-K de caviar).
Tasting suggestion: as a rare delicacy, caviar is preferably enjoyed with a pearl or wooden spoon. You can enjoy it with warm toasted bread, a blini, or just neat, which is ideal to fully appreciate its flavours. Enjoy caviar in small amounts, letting the grains explode against your palate… its delicately-scented flavour will then free itself!