Sainte-Maure de Touraine (300g)


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Being granted PDO in 1990, Sainte-Maure de Touraine is one of the most famous goat’s cheeses in France. Its origins go back to the 8th century, after goats were introduced by the Moors. It is made in the eponymous village of Sainte-Maure, in the Loire Valley, and is easily recognised by its small log-like shape and the traditional ryegrass straw running through its middle for ease of handling.

Sainte-Maure is rolled and charcoaled to dry out the surface of the cheese and encourage the development of a fine grey-blue edible rind. The cheese is then matured in well-ventilated cellars for about a month and develops a glossy white paste with a fine and firm texture and long-lasting savoury flavours with hints of nuts and citrus.

This cheese is smooth and buttery, becoming nuttier and saltier as it matures. Enjoy this simply with toasted baguette or crumble into salads.