Isigny Sainte-Mère Mimolette Extra Mature Label Rouge 18 Months (200g)

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Boule de mimolette extra-vieille Label Rouge

Mimolette is a hard orange cheese from the north of France. Its also called a “boule de Lille” because it’s shaped into a ball and develops a hard rind.

It’s rich, nutty flavor is really something special. Its orange color comes from the roucou, a natural tree-colorant.


Label Rouge – Isigny Sainte-Mère

The Label Rouge quality mark was created in 1960. The Label Rouge logo appears on products which, due to the conditions in production or manufacturing standards, taste better than similar products in the same category. It is the only official quality mark to deliver a result rather than a set of geographical circumstances.

The organisation at the heart of Label Rouge are the Organismes de Défense et de Gestion or organisations of defence and management (ODG), which between them edit the technical manual, ensure collaboration between the different links of the supply chain from the farmer to the manufacturer. They also carry out monitoring and regular spot checks.

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