Beillevaire Brillat Savarin (650g)


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Brillat-Savarin is one of the most beloved cheeses of France. Made of 75% butterfat, it is a triple-cream cheese with an irresistible, luscious, melt-in-the-mouth texture. Its flavours are quite delicate. The cheese is matured for only a couple of weeks, so that the delicate, milky and creamy flavours stand out. However, as it matures in four to five weeks, it becomes more savoury. It becomes more dense and moist, with a taste of nut, mushroom and black truffle.

Bril­lat-Savarin can be served as a dessert cheese or as part of a cheese board served with crusty baguette. To enjoy it at its optimum, consume it close to its use-by-date and serve it at room temperature. Simply remove the box from the fridge a few hours in advance and cover with a clean, damp napkin until ready to serve. Brillat-Savarin is incredible served with Champagne or a quality prosecco.

Made of unpasteurised cow’s milk.