La Prudencia Jamon 100% Iberico de Bellota (Approx. 9.5kg)


P5,990 per kg, 8.5-11kg/leg. Limited quantities available.

Carving stand and knife available upon request.

NOTE: Checkout price is based on the average weight per leg (9.5kg). Actual price will be based on the exact weight upon delivery.

  • For online transfer payments, we will adjust the invoice to the exact price before payment will be made.
  • For credit card payments, adjustments will be made if there is an overpayment or balance on the pre-payment, and can be settled via Credit Card, Bank Deposit, GCash/PayMaya or COD.

If you want to know exact leg weights available, you may contact us.

Whole-leg Jamon 100% Iberico de Bellota

Make your holidays extra special with the finest ham in the world!

Also known as “Pata Negra”, La Prudencia’s 100% Iberian Bellota Ham are produced from their own Iberian Acorn-fed Pig herd, bred and raised in Extremadura. Fed only with the acorn of the holm oaks and cork oaks, the pigs are allowed to roam freely in their meadows, giving the meat their unique and special qualities.

About La Prudencia

For over 100 years, La Prudencia’s hams, shoulders and cold cuts have been recognized as being among the best in Spain.

The products are cured in their dryers and natural cellars‭‬ located in the middle of the mountains, at an altitude of more than 1,100m. The climate, the geographical conditions, the low salt content of their products and the slow and lengthy maturation of their hams undoubtedly influence the magnificent quality of their pieces.