La Prudencia Iberico Cebo de Campo Cured Loin (100g)


La Prudencia Lomo de Cebo de Campo Iberico

Hand-made product made with the ileospinal muscle of the Iberian pig (virtually free of external fat, aponeurosis and tendons).

Marinated with garlic, paprika and salt and stuffed in natural casings, which has been subjected to a total maturation process of at least 4 months in our natural cellars, giving rise to unique Iberian pieces to taste for the most select palates.

Curing: 6 months

Colour and appearance: Characteristic pink to purple red colour in the lean part and a brilliant fat appearance. Homogeneous when cut.

Consistency: Firm and compact to the touch.

Shape: Cylindrical, more or less even or slightly flattened, calibre of more than 40 mm and variable length.

Aroma: Slightly acid, suave and medium intensity.