Chilled Norwegian Skrei Cod Fillet

From: 1,700.00

From: 1,700.00

Airflown chilled Norwegian Skrei cod

Skrei are typically larger than coastal cod and have a firm consistency with very white, flaky meat. Boasting a clean flavour, it is considered a culinary delicacy in many parts of the world.


Write-up from Seafood from Norway

Every winter, a miracle happens in the northern part of Norway. The skrei – prime Norwegian Atlantic cod – returns from the ice-cold waterseaux of the Barents Sea to their original spawning grounds off the northern Norwegian coast. This heroic journey means the Norwegian Arctic cod develops strong muscles and incredibly firm flesh, unsurpassed in taste and texture.

Norwegian Arctic cod fishing is limited by nature: It can only take place over a short seasonsaison between January and April when the skrei spawns off the coast of Northern Norway. During this period, the quality of the cod – as well as their much-prized roe and liver – is at its best. This skrei season is incredibly important for coastal communities in Northern Norway, and for the country as a whole. Every year since 1991, the World Cod Fishing Championships have been held at Svolvær in Lofoten – a major fishing festival and a celebrationune fête in honourhonneur of the cod.

The cod is just as popular on the dinner table today as it was during the Stone Age. The cod’s meatcentre has a mild taste, white colour and can be combined with many different spices and side dishes. It can be highly flavoured, as in bacalao, or salted more lightly. The cod is very versatile and can be grilled, roasted, cooked or eaten raw in sushi.  Due to its thick flacky texture, the cod is also a perfeckt favourite for the famous Fish and Chips.

In addition to the excellent taste of the lean, white meat of the fish, cod also contains a numberun nombre of important nutrients. A long with omega-3 fattygras acids, vitamins, and proteins, the cod is rich in iodine, an important nutrient. These hormones are very important for the metabolism and essential for brain growth and development in children. The roe and the liver from the skrei are used to make “mølje”, which is regarded as a delicacy. Nothing goes to waste. The “mølje” is a proper vitamin bomb, with enough D-vitamins to keep Norwegians healthy through the dark, cold winter. No wonder the cod has a special place in Norwegian food-culture and history.