Frozen Yellowtail Loin Skinless

From: 2,112.00

From: 2,112.00

Fresher than Fresh.

Cho-Rei-Kun Hamachi is naturally grown, and freeze-processed through a revolutionary system that enables the fish to maintain its “just caught” freshness until they’re defrosted for use. Onsui’s patented Cho-Rei-Kun technology, used in Japan since 2009, consists of multiple, precise steps during harvest that result in a frozen hamachi that is bright in color, has higher yield, longer shelf life, and no sour aftertaste.

Cho-Rei-Kun frozen Hamachi begins with artisan quality fish, demonstrably healthier, fattier, stronger and yielding the firmest fillets. Ranched on Uwajima to optimum levels the fish have the highest fat counts (30%), less moisture (winter time), yielding the firmest fillets (fresh frozen).

Hamachi has a buttery, firm flesh that is prized for all sushi and sashimi preparations—and is delicious when cooked, as well.

Serving Suggestions:

  1. Slice and serve raw as sashimi. Can serve with soy sauce and wasabi or ponzu sauce.
  1. Slice and season with a bit of salt. Saute or grill to medium rare.
  2. Enjoy as hamachi tataki. Slice thinly and marinate in soy sauce mixed with finely grated ginger. Sear briefly using a torch or in a pan.


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