Terre Exotique A Journey Through the Land of Peppers No. 2 Gift Box


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A gift box for the “piperoman people” in search of menthol, spicy and woody aromas. Discover peppers that have been directly sourced from producers at the harvest time to guarantee all the freshness of the aromas. Since there are a wide variety of peppers, with very different aromatic profiles, you will find in this box a tasting guide book and some suggestions for use. This gift box contains a booklet entitled “A Journey Through The Land of Peppers”.

This gift box is the fruit of our botanical, ethnological and gastronomic research into the world of pepper. You’ll discover new recipes, aromatic scales and intensity scales for the peppers.

Poivre cubebe (Cubebe pepper), 20g, Indonesia.
Poivre long rouge (Long pepper red), 10g, Cambodia.
Poivre voatsiperifery (Voatsiperifery pepper), 20g, Madagascar.
Poivre Timiz (Timiz pepper), 15g, Ethiopia.

Aromatic footprintFood and pepper pairings
Cubebe pepperBitter and menthol flavorsChocolate desserts – Asian dishes – Compote of exotic fruit
Long pepper redDelicate notes of honey and cocoaHoney chicken – Game – Dark cocoa dessert – Red wine sauce
Voatsiperifery pepperWoody aromas and fruity baseSmooth chocolate or chocolate fondant
Timiz pepperIntense aromas of Havana tobaccoPoultry liver terrine – Fresh wey cheese – White meat