Fresh Speciale Oysters by Alienor

From: 245.00

From: 245.00

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Airflown from France on weekends.

In oyster farming, water is the source of everything. The Roumégous/Alienor produce their extraordinary oysters in unspoiled environments where the quality of the water and the richness of the plankton are exceptional. Thus, for 3 to 5 years, they raise their Roumégous/ Alienor oysters to the rhythm of nature and with great care, on three production sites. The first is located where it all began, in Bourcefranc-le-Chapus in Charentes Maritime. The other two in Normandy, at Isigny sur Mer and at Utah beach.

Growing dense oysters with generous flesh, gently iodized and with a delicate flavor, is a work of every moment.


Following these 3 years of breeding, the adult oysters are placed, for a minimum period of 3 weeks, in so-called “clear” ripening tanks. These clears are basins in clay soil located near the coast, and fed by a mixture of salt sea water and fresh water.

This is when the alchemy takes place …


This is when the strength of character, determination, and passion of several generations of oyster farmers emerge.

This refining, shaped for over a century, gives Roumégous/Alienor oysters their unique identity, finesse and unique taste.

Finally, to guarantee their customers ideal freshness and quality, the Roumégous/ Alienor have developed ultra-modern methods of conservation, packaging and shipping. They can also count on a team of experienced and delicate people who fill the baskets by hand, day after day, one oyster after another. The baskets are then sent to the best restaurants in France and abroad.