Fisherfarms Taster Set


Fisherfarms is the leader in aquaculture processing and is the largest supplier of farm-raised seafood in the Philippines – supplying a wide range of premium, fresh frozen, and value-added seafood products to various clientele such as distributors, retailers, fast-food chains, restaurants, hotels, and other institutions all over the world.

Gift your loved ones with healthy, delectable products this Christmas season!


• Bangus Sisig (200g)

• Crispy Bangus (200g)

• Deboned Premium Cut Milkfish Belly 2s (350g)

• Gourmet Fillet (200g)

• Marinated Deboned Milkfish (400g)

• Shrimp Poppers (200g)

• Smoked Deboned Milkfish (400g)

• Smoked Pure Belly (100g)

• All-Natural Fish Sausages Sampler Pack (600g)

• Shrimp Raw PD IQF Assorted Size (500g)