English Holiday

From: 2,100.00

From: 2,100.00

Our own take on the English scones have become a best-seller. Made with Echiré butter, these scones are extra buttery, and you can definitely smell and taste the difference.

They go perfectly well with English clotted cream and Francis Miot Jam.

The Maison Francis Miot handmade artisan jams are developed since more than 30 years following Francis Miot’s recipes, who was awarded Best French Jam maker and three-time Best World Jam maker (Out of the Competition). Born in Pau in 1948, Francis Miot has become the most famous jam maker in France, by the number of titles and awards he has received.

A good jam is above all good fruit and only the best varieties are selected for their exceptional taste qualities. The fruits are picked when ripe to fully reveal their aromas.

This set includes:

  • Echiré Scones (Plain & Earl Grey)
  • English Clotted Cream with brandy (170g)
  • Francis Miot Jam

Packaged in a D&G specialty linen box.