Clai Salame Milano (100g)

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Clai Salame Milano Lunga Stagionatura

The “sandwich” salami with a delicate taste, ground into a “grain of rice”.

Fine salami, typical of the Milanese area, its origins date back to the Renaissance period, today it is one of the most popular salamis nationwide. Only the fine lean and fatty meats of Italian pigs are ground in “rice grain”, seasoned with salt, garlic, black pepper in split grains and ground white pepper. Attention to the stewing, drying and curing phases give these salami an unmistakable aroma and a delicate taste. When cut it has a pale ruby ​​red color, with a strong and harmonious aroma, the flavor is sweet and delicate. The harmony of taste and flavor is completed with a melt-in-your-mouth taste.

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