Tartufi Morra White Truffle Butter Cream (70g)


A special product by Tartufi Morra, velvety butter cream, prepared with the prized Alba white truffle to make every recipe shine and a fine dining delight to be savoured all year round.

Tartufi Morra white truffle butter cream has a characteristic of shiny yellow color and and compact, homogeneous texture, it is comparable with the finest butter, pleasing aroma and mild, delicate flavour, with the distinctive flavour of the highly prized Alba white truffle.

A tribute from our land and deeply rooted connection of the Langhe area, a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Impress your diners by using the white truffle butter cream, as an aperitif on savoury tarts or as a sauce on pasta and risotto, eggs or meat fillets even simply on a lightly toasted bread.

A little goes a long way – recommended dosage: ½ teaspoon per serving.