Francis Miot Fig Chutney (100g)


Inspired by the culinary traditions of India and Great Britain, chutneys, sweet and savory, spicy and vinegar condiments are very original in traditional or exotic dishes. Accompanied by a Chef, our Master jam makers have developed very daring chutney recipes, with a characteristic “French touch”. These recipes are blends designed for perfect pairings. Take a sensory trip by discovering this new “Collection”, for a safari of renewal and modernity on your plates. Even if the use of the different chutneys is limited only to the imagination of the person who cooks, discover our recipes and our choices of accompaniment.

Ingredients: Fig 32 %, cane sugar 31 %, onions, beetroot, vinegar, ginger, white pepper, garlic, grilled
hazelnut, concentrated lemon juice, acidifier: tartaric acid, gelling agent : pectin.

Serving suggestion: Consume as it is or paired with white meat or foie gras.
Can be mixed warm to add flavor and texture to a dish.