Trikalinos Grey Mullet Bottarga (200g)

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A delicacy of cured Grey Mullet Roe. Natural without preservatives, with high nutritional value and a pleasant long-lasting aftertaste.

The Trikalinos Grey Mullet Bottarga is produced exclusively from Grey Mullet Roe, recognized as the best roe for Avgotaraho production. They use standardized production techniques which properly balance the salting and drying processes to deliver higher moisture and lower sodium in the final product. It is coated by natural bee’s wax, which sufficiently preserves the product and its delicate taste during its shelf life, despite the low sodium content.

Serving tips
1. Cut a big piece of Avgotaraho
2. Remove wax
3. Slice thinly

A Taste with… History. Avgotaraho has been considered a delicacy since the era of the Pharaohs and it was an important element in the Ancient Greek diet. Its value was also known in Byzantine times, while nowadays it occupies a prominent place among gourmet products.

Why is it good for health?
It constitutes a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which reinforce body health by acting positively on the cardiovascular system and by strengthening the immune system.

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