Terre Exotique Fleur de Sel with Yuzu (90g)


Yuzu is a citrus fruit similar to lime and its zest has been mixed with fleur de sel to bring a refreshing hint to your chocolate desserts, shrimp salads and seafood tartares. This mix of fleur de sel from Madagascar and yuzu will enhance white fish, falafels and sweet potato mash.
Delicious in your shortcrust pastry ! Yuzu is a Japanese fruit, like a small lime and is harvested in October in Kochi prefecture in Japan. It tastes like mandarine or grapefruit and goes perfectly with this fleur de sel from Madagascar.
Fleur de sel is the nectar of salty marshes !
The crystals of fleur de sel are finer than those of traditional sea salt. The fine light texture means it dissolves quicker and blends more easily with all your dishes. Best used after cooking to maintain all the delicate aromas.
Fleur de sel benefits from the expertise of the salt workers and an ideal coastal climate. This fleur de sel from Madagascar is hand collected from the salt ponds in Ifaty. These white crystals form a fine crust on the surface of the salt ponds when the water evaporates due to the sun and wind.