Terre Exotique Cumin (50g)


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Cumin was grown all around the Mediterranean before setting out to conquer China and India. Its hot, sweet and bitter flavour will delight all your breads, cheese, poultry and even fresh orange fruit salad. Delicious roasted and crushed.
Originally from the Middle East, cumin was either used for smoking or for flavouring food. It comes from the same family as parsley and is the fruit of the plant. Before it’s fully ripened, it is cut and then hung up to dry for a few days, beaten like wheat so that the fruit falls off and then laid out to dry in the sun.
The bitter yet slightly hot flavour, and its particularly strong aroma make this distinctive spice stand out in all your dishes. Cumin will enhance chili con carne, sauerkraut, and shepherd’s pie. It will enchant fresh orange fruit salad, and of course the ever traditional hummus.
Roast it then grind it to delight all your dishes !