Pommery Raspberry Vinegar (500ml)


The White wine vinegarvinaigre 6° flavoured with raspberry syrup was developed after much research.

You will find the subtle taste of raspberries, sweetened in a syrup made in the purest artisanal tradition.

This vinegar will be the ideal companion for your raw salads, for deglazing, or for offal-based dishes (liver, gizzard, etc).

This vinegar is packaged in a 500ml stoneware bottle with a natural cork covered with wax.

Here are a few simple tips you could try with the raspberry vinegar:
  • Marinade for meat, vegetables or fruit.
  • Reduce a sauce.
  • Tenderize meat or fruit.
  • Splash into a glass of fizz or spring water.
  • Drizzle over your favourite dish.
  • Dress a salad to impress your friends.