My Organic Infusion Digestion Infusettes (Box of 12)


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DIGESTION Infusion Infusettes
This infusion concentrates plants that release swollen bellies and facilitate the transformation of the plate into energy available for the body. 
Its fresh and aniseed flavor makes it greedy even at the end of a meal. To be consumed after a meal that is a little too rich or several times a day to durably improve the digestive balance.

Plants Verbena *, Green Anise *, Lemon balm *, Star anise *, Rosemary *. * ingredients from organic farming.
Benefits Digestive / Carminative
Characteristics Box of 12 teabags – 12 x 1.2 grams

All our infusions are ECOCERT certified and organic farming

My Organic Infusion offers 100% plant infusions with no fruity aromas and no sweeteners. All its formulas are organic certified by Ecocert.