Kaviari Wild Salmon Roe (100g)


Many pearls can be found in the seas – and among them, some of the most precious ones are the wild salmon roes. Find yourself enchanted by the iodine flavor of these melting eggs, a true pleasure of the palate. Enjoy small, clean pops in every gentle burst. From the Pacific salmon, these eggs are large, firm and creamy.

With their bright orange color and their vibrant marine flavor, they are a perfect addition to any seafood dish you might make, or as an appetizer for a fancy aperitif. Excellent on simple crackers or buttered bread, but even better infused with other flavors in sushi.

About the Brand

The House of Kaviari draws on 40 years of history to select the finest farmed caviars at the source. Grains are refined in its Parisian laboratories and then presented in individually-numbered tins. Each tin is unique, each caviar an invitation to pleasure, each tasting a moment of pure enjoyment, magical, sensual and unforgettable.