Angelina Chestnut Cream (350g)


Flagship product of the house Angelina and its famous “Mont-Blanc”, this chestnut cream is made in France by craftsmen. Sweet and greedy with a hint of vanilla, it is pure delicacy!

This creamy chestnut spread is Angelina’s specialty. It is made from the best quality chestnuts and vanilla bean, which gives it unique and delicate flavor.

Chestnut cream is often served for breakfast, where it can be spread like jam. It is also used for making several desserts. It blends well with yogurt, ice cream and even with whipped cream. The main ingredients of the Angelina’s chestnut cream include chestnut, brown and white sugar, vanilla pods. Angelina’s chestnut cream is creamy and rich in flavor. The taste of chestnuts is subtly married to the aroma of vanilla from Madagascar.