Wadaman Organic Roasted White Sesame Seeds (50g)


100% organic white sesame paste.

Organic white sesame is roasted at an ultra-high temperature using the traditional roasting technique of Wadaman, and then carefully crushed many times with a special mortar to make a paste. It features a smooth texture and the delicacy peculiar to white sesame seeds.

How do you use it? How to eat it deliciously?

☆ Apply to bread … If you like sweetness, mix it with honey.
☆ Goma-ae ・ ・ ・ Dashi, mix with salty sauce and sugar, and mix with boiled vegetables.
☆ Shabu-shabu sauce ・ ・ ・ Spread with dashi stock and mix with salty sauce (if you like).
☆ Dip ・ ・ ・ Easy dip if mixed with mayonnaise. For raw vegetables.