Terre Exotique Winemaker’s Salt (80g)


Vigneron salt / Cabernet salt

A barrel of spilt wine is the secret behind this delicious salt !
This salt is superb with cheese, foie gras and fish.

The winemaker salt comes from two emblematic places: The Isle de Ré for the salt, and Bordeaux for the wine. Indeed this salt marinated in a blend of merlot and cabernet will take you to the heart of the most impressive wineries of the Bordeaux region! Its color and subtlety make this salt a great partner to your cooking.

This Vigneron salt is made by local craftsmen. Its sweet and delicate notes are perfect with vegetable mash, pot-au-feu stew or cream sauces. Delicious with a rib of beef, scallops, game, or a simple summer salad.