Terre Exotique Gingerbread Mix (60g)


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Discover the delight of home-made gingerbread! Use it to enchant your butternut squash and shellfish. Why not try it in your sponges, cakes and biscuits…

This mix of delicate aromas and notes of cinnamon is mainly used for making gingerbread. It will also enhance meat and vegetable dishes or fish in a cream sauce. Sprinkle it on sorbets or an apple tart for a hint of spice. The ingredients include cinnamon, cardamom,coriander and nutme.

Gingerbread was probably initially Chinese. It appears to originate from the “Mi-Kong”, a bread made from honey used in the 12th century by the army of Gengis Khan as rationing during the conquest of China. The recipe was then handed onto the Arabs by the Chinese and it wasn’t until much later, during the crusades, that it came to the Western world when the crusaders brought the recipe back to Europe together with the spices needed to make it.