Terre Exotique A Journey Through the Land of Peppers No. 4 Gift Box

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A gift box presenting a selection of citrus fruit flavored berries (blood orange, grapefruit, lemon). Harvested in the Nepalese valley, Batak’s kingdom or in szechuan mountains, they are the symbol of the wide botanical variety of the pepper family! This gift box contains a booklet entitled “A Journey Through The Land of Peppers”.

This gift box is the fruit of our botanical, ethnological and gastronomic research into the world of pepper. You’ll discover new recipes, aromatic scales and intensity scales for the peppers.

Baie de szechuan rouge (Red Szechuan berry), 10g, China.
Baie Timur (Timur berry), 12g, Nepal.
Baie Sansho (Sansho berry), 10g, Japan.
Baie des Bataks (Bataks berry), 3g, Indonesia.

Aromatic footprint Food and pepper pairings
Red Szechuan berry Ripe citrus flavors, acidy cherry notes Foie gras – Chocolate cake – Strawberries
Timur berry Grapefruit notes, fresh aromas Goat’s cheese – Scallops – Lobster in citrus butter
Sansho berry Exciting citrus fruit notes, methol aromas Poached poultry – Salmon tartare – Fruits salad – Grilled eel
Bataks berry Blood orange notes, bergamot scents Peach or raspberry sorbet – Fresh cheese – Chocolate mousse

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