Sicoly Mango Fruit Puree (1kg)


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As a frozen fruit purées manufacturer and supplier, SICOLY® has taken a step forward in the industry by proposing the majority of its range with no added sugars, to provide professionals with premium frozen purées and juices with tastes and aromas the closest to the original fresh fruits.

SICOLY® no added sugar frozen purées : Alphonso mango purée

The frozen unsweetened mango purée by SICOLY® is made from Alphonso mangoes sourced specifically from the Ratnagiri region for India. This region of India benefits from ideal geographical and climate conditions for the production of mangoes.
The Alphonso mango variety has been selected for its unrivalled flavours: it is naturally sweet with no bitterness or acidity and its flesh is not fibrous as other mango types.


SICOLY®, premium supplier of frozen mango purée

Quality of a frozen purée is a combination of both high-quality raw material and a state-of-the-art transformation process.
The Ratnagiri Alphonso mangoes are crushed and sieved. The purée is then desaerated in our facilities in order to eliminate any risk of micro-oxidation and is heat treated by a special, ultra-rapid ohmic heating process, which contributes to preserving all the organoleptic qualities of the fresh fruit (flavour, colour, texture). To preserve even better the natural aromas of the fruit, this frozen purée is without added sugar.


Possible applications for SICOLY® Alphonso mango purée

SICOLY® is a supplier for various chefs all around the world including pastry chefs, chocolatiers, ice-cream makers, restaurants and including catering businesses and bartenders. Its products have to be versatile to respond to the needs of these different industries.The unsweetened Alphonso mango frozen purée can be used in both sweet and savoury creations (sugar level to be adjusted at will) and even in drinks to create cocktails for instance.