Sèvre & Belle La Baratte du Crémier Demi-Sel (Salted) (250g)

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The Sèvre & Belle brand was founded in 1893 and is a part of the la Coopérative Laitière de la Sèvre, along with the very popular Echiré brand and the Atelier de la Sèvre brand.

Since its creation in 1893, Sèvre & Belle dairy cooperative remained settled in Celles-sur Belle in a place known locally as “La Vée”. Before becoming a region known for its high-quality milk, the region in the south of Deux-Sèvres was mostly a wine-making area. It was only after the phylloxera blight of 1880 that this transformation took place. Several years later, the Coopérative Laitière de la Sèvre took shape and created the Belle & Sèvre brand.

The Baratte du Crémier Demi-Sel butter is made from raw unpasteurized cream that has been matured for 18 hours using natural enzymes. They are then slow-churned and molded by hand. This salted version contains 3.5 percent salt crytals from Ré Island.This raw butter naturally possesses an even, light yellow colour. Its firm and light texture makes it easily spreadable straight out of the fridge for quick and tasty morning snacks. Great on rye bread and baguettes.

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