Sabarot Burgundy Snails (800g)

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Sabarot is the European leader of canned snails. Engaged from the start in quality control, the snails are farmed, harvested, graded, cleaned and processed in a modern IFS certified factory.

Escargots from Burgundy, France are generally considered the best snails by gourmets. These snail meat in cans are easy to prepare for a great dish.

Each can contains 10 dozen or 120 pieces of large snail meat without shells.


Remove snails from can, rinse them with hot water, and drain. These escargots are fully cooked and only need to be warmed in a sauce to be ready to serve. They are traditionally enjoyed with lashings of garlic butter sauce. Try the classic a la Bourguignonne sauce, a garlicky sauce that combines garlic, butter, sea salt, shallots and dry white wine. They are also a great choice for stuffing in snail shells. May also be enjoyed coated in breadcrumbs, topped with chopped mushrooms or with melted blue cheese.

Store in a cool place. Refrigerate after opening and consume within 5 days. Once opened, they may also be stored in covered airtight containers in the freezer.




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