Rouzaire Petit Camembert (150g)

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Fromagerie Rouzaire has been an independent family owned company for three generations. Their range of artisan white mould cheeses are unique because of the limited geographical area in which the milk is sourced (Seine et Marne) and the specific know-how of their cheese-makers in traditional cheese production and affinage. While most of their products are produced using raw milk, the range of pasteurised cheeses they produce for the Australian and US markets loose little if any of their distinct regional dimension.

The flavour profile of Rouzaire Camembert is more intense than a Brie, it has mild earthy aromas with a luxurious complexity on the palate. When ripe the light-yellow pâté will showcase a delicious creamy texture and distinctive mushroomy, yeasty, almost meaty flavours that are hard to beat. Camembert is perfectly ripe when the body is the same supple butter-smooth texture throughout.

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