Prunier Caviar Saint-James Original Tin

From: 15,200.00

From: 15,200.00

Prunier Caviar in Original Tin with Rubber Ring

Approx 75g/tin, but manual filling of the fresh caviar after catching may cause slight weight fluctuations in the tins. Price will be based on the exact weight, by the gram.

Caviar will mature in the original tin perfectly stored up to one year. During this time, it becomes stronger and stronger, spicier and the taste becomes more and more complex. Caviar connoissuers prefer well-matured caviar from the original tin. If you open a can of fresh caviar, try to consume within 20-30 minutes to experience the taste at its finest.

Introduced for the first time in 1932 at the opening of the Prunier Restaurant on St. James Street in London. Two months after being caught, this caviar reaches perfect maturity and has a low salt content. The production of Saint-James met the taste of noble clientele such as kings, queens and heads of state, who were regular guests at the Prunier Restaurant. The quintessence of the Prunier caviar. Historically produced since 1932 with the same exclusive technique, this very large, racy caviar containing iodine, is full-bodied and has a very long finish. It is most similar to the Oscietra caviar from the Caspian Sea with its variety of aromas and density of taste.

It harmonises wonderfully with a rosé champagne or a large Sauvignon like the Pouilly Fumé.