Prunier Caviar Malossol Original Tin



Prunier Caviar in Original Tin with Rubber Ring

Approx 75g/tin, but manual filling of the fresh caviar after catching may cause slight weight fluctuations in the tins. Price will be based on the exact weight, by the gram.

Caviar will mature in the original tin perfectly stored up to one year. During this time, it becomes stronger and stronger, spicier and the taste becomes more and more complex. Caviar connoissuers prefer well-matured caviar from the original tin. If you open a can of fresh caviar, try to consume within 20-30 minutes to experience the taste at its finest.

This special caviar recipe, also known as “Pur Sel” (pure salted), is one of the masterpieces of Prunier caviar production. Due to its unique salting and preparation, this caviar is rich in character. The “Malossol” caviar is a tribute to the time when Prunier produced this full-bodied caviar especially for its customers overseas, in America and Japan. Pilots Nungesser and Coli took a can of “Prunier Malossol” caviar with them on their historic flight across the Atlantic in 1927.

This specific caviar, also known as “pur sel”, is large-grained and deep black. It captivates with its strong, varied aromas and its infinitely long finish. Dark, powerful, rich in character and concentrated, iodized aroma, it leaves a long-lasting taste on the palate.

This Prunier variety is perfect for lovers of the traditional Russian caviar.