Prunier Caviar Francais Oscietre

From: 5,900.00

From: 5,900.00

It was in 2010 that Prunier Manufacture launched the first fry of Osciètre and since then has raised them with a lot of care and patience. L’Osciètre Prunier will seduce you with its anthracite brown color and the shiny appearance of its grains. On the palate, it is characterized by its typical plum salting which gives it a subtle nutty taste, pleasantly iodized.


Caviar Français par Prunier

A magnificent selection of Baerii and Osciètre caviars is offered in a new case inspired by Mondrian’s colors. From the basins of the Prunier factory in Dordogne, this caviar seduces with its typical salting and unique know-how.