Pommery Sherry Vinegar (500ml)


Sherry vinegar 7° in stoneware bottle 500ml.

This gorgeous one of a kind stone bottle is a must have for your kitchen. Red wine vinegar will liven up a sauce, simple green, or pasta salad.

Imported directly from France, it is a high quality product which will transform a simple culinary preparation into a gastronomical preparation.
Its use is very wide, since it goes well with fish and white meats.
This vinegar is packaged in a 500ml stoneware bottle with a natural corkbob covered with wax.
Some tips on how to use Sherry Vinegar:
  1. PASTA AND VEGETABLES – Sherry Vinegar is perfect with just about any recipe in the wide-ranging Mediterranean diet, adding a special touch to pasta dishes and making any veggie platter much richer. Its aromatic complexity is the key to converting simple recipes like oven-roasted or grilled vegetables into something extra special.
  2. STARTERS AND SALADS – Sherry Vinegar is noted for its moderate acidity, persistent aroma and intense flavour, so it’s the perfect option to add to dishes that need a boost of freshness on the palate.Its balanced fruitiness and acidity along with its warm golden colour make Sherry Vinegar the ideal option for dressing creative salads full of personality.
  3. MEATS AND STEWS – Reduction sauces made with this condiment are of unquestionable international fame. An essential element in grilling and barbecuing, Sherry Vinegar brings out the flavour and improves the texture of meat, making it juicier. It’s also the tried and true option for pickling meats, whether it be white meat or small game, such as rabbit, partridge or quail.
  4.  FISH AND SEAFOOD – As the basis for marinades and pickling sauces so often used in fish and seafood dishes, Sherry Vinegar is particularly good for marinating oily fish like mackerel because it lightens up the oiliness and makes the marinade taste milder, less fishy. And the most popular sauces served with fish such as mayonnaise, cocktail sauce and tartar sauce, contain Sherry Vinegar.5.
  5. DESSERTS AND ICE CREAM – Sherry Vinegar is a key ingredient when making desserts and ice cream. For example, it’s considered essential to obtaining the perfect caramel sauce as it lends coulis and caramel sauces a more intense flavour and the perfect thickness and texture. And if you add Sherry Vinegar to citrus or high-acid fruits, like strawberries, you’ll get amazing results!