OCNI Factory Orange & Cumin (Organic) Seasoning Pencil

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A boxset containing Orange & Cumin (Organic) seasoning pencil and a pencil sharpener of food standards. An organic recipe, exclusively plant-based, cooked with love️ by the “Food Savant” and his team in Alès in Cévennes, France.

Ideal with Tajines, Grilled vegetables, Chicken and Salads.

Suggested serving:
– 1 shaving for a bite.
– 5 to 10 shavings for a plate.

120 shavings in a 18g stick.

Store at a room temperature.

OCNI Factory

A team specialized in food innovation, based in the south of France. OCNI’s first range of products is the seasoning pencils – tasty seasonings in the form of pencils for sharpening that add a playful twist to your meals, a stylish aesthetic to your plate, and most importantly, a burst of flavor in your mouth.

The seasoning pencils are produced by artisanal methods in their workshop, from exclusively plant-based ingredients, most of which are organically grown.

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