My Organic Infusion Silhouette Infusettes (Box of 12)


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SILHOUETTE Infusion Infusettes
Its plants help optimize the body’s energy and free yourself from extra pounds for a slender silhouette and smooth skin. Its potent, fresh flavors kick start the game in the middle of a day. Enjoy it anytime or after a light, nutritious meal.

Plants Peppermint *, Heather *, Meadowsweet *, Green tea *, Green coffee *. (* ingredients from organic farming)
Benefits Slimming / Draining / Fat burning
Characteristics Box of 12 teabags – 12 x 1.2 grams

All our infusions are ECOCERT certified and organic farming

My Organic Infusion offers 100% plant infusions with no fruity aromas and no sweeteners. All its formulas are organic certified by Ecocert.