My Organic Infusion Respiratoire Infusettes (Box of 12)


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RESPIRATORY Infusion Infusettes
Its plants have the power to free the nose or chest in case of colds or colds to breathe more easily. Its very aromatic flavors hesitate between the herbs of the garrigue and the fir forest. Consume regularly as soon as winter approaches and as a cure when the common cold is present

Plants Marjoram *, Eucalyptus *, Elecampane *, Lavandin *, Hyssop *, Scots pine *. * ingredients from organic farming.
Benefits Respiratory / Softening
Characteristics Box of 12 teabags – 12 x 1.2 grams

All our infusions are ECOCERT certified and organic farming

My Organic Infusion offers 100% plant infusions with no fruity aromas and no sweeteners. All its formulas are organic certified by Ecocert.