My Organic Infusion Energie Infusettes (Box of 12)


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ENERGY Infusion Infusettes
In this infusion, we have combined plants that strengthen the body’s natural balance and those that know how to maintain vigilance. On the palate, the Energy infusion has body and its spicy notes also awaken the palate. To be enjoyed especially at the start of the day (sleepers with fragile sleep will avoid the evening) and why not to take the place of coffee.

Plants Rosehip *, ginger *, licorice *, mate *, guarana *, cinnamon *, pepper *.
* Ingredients from organic farming.
Benefits Tonic / Anti-fatigue
Characteristics Box of 12 teabags – 12 x 1.2 grams
Certification All our infusions are ECOCERT certified and organic farming

My Organic Infusion offers 100% plant infusions with no fruity aromas and no sweeteners. All its formulas are organic certified by Ecocert.