Michel Cluizel Ganaches d’Exception Nº8 (85g)


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The Ganaches d’Exception Nº8 gift box is made for the fans of exceptional chocolate with intense notes of cocoa. Composed of Plantation chocolate ganaches and intense ganaches with a high cocoa content, the chocolate pralines reveal all the power of the cocoa’s aromatic notes.

Coffrets Manufacture GANACHES
Imagine the ultimate in chocolate: the outstanding velvety smoothness of ganache and the generous cocoa of Plantation chocolate, nestling within a crisp, intense chocolate coating and presented in a well balanced box. Sweetness has never been so intense!

The branded boxes by Manufacture CLUIZEL are composed of the greatest assortments of CLUIZEL chocolates. With a combination of traditionally made almond-hazelnut praliné, melting caramels and creamy Plantation Chocolate ganache truffles, the chocolates reflect the know-how and expertise of the chocolatier. To give as a gift or treat yourself, the boxes are available in several sizes to delight all chocolate lovers.