Maison Martin Gallia West IPA Hot Sauce (100ml)

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Sauce Piquante a la Biere

– Strength 9/12

Brasserie Gallia and Maison Martin combine their know-how to create a spicy sauce with the notes of their West IPA beer, brewed in Ile-de-France in Pantin.

Spicy sauce, with notes of green mango from the mixed marriage of IPA beer and Habanero pepper.

Contains allergens: malt, wheat, barley

Brings a fruity hot shot to your plates.

Scoville scale: around 110,000 SHU


MAISON MARTIN – Le Piment Français

Hot sauces made in France, with fresh French peppers, cooked with love in small batches in Maison Martin’s family workshop in Viroflay.

Maison Martin works with several market gardeners located in the beautiful regions of France. Their peppers are the result of sustainable agriculture, grow in the open field, harvested at full maturity in the season and do not undergo any treatment.

Maison Martin selects the best pepper and ferment them in barrels, like wine. After several months of maturation, the chili purees are cooked by the chefs and bottled. The sauces are slightly sweet and vinegared just enough to ensure a balanced taste.

Maison Martin hot sauces provide an excellent punch, as well as rich and complex flavors. Enjoy these bold and creative recipes.

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