Kalita SG 155 Sagan Ceramic Wave Dripper

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Feel the Organic warmth of the unglazed pottery 

This “& Kalita” series’s beautiful Hasami porcelain range has been capturing the hearts of many.  Following their beautiful previous Kalita & Hasami series (Wave/HA dripper), Kalita now introduces a special, warm-colored dripper using a blend of “Sagan (sandstone in Japanese)” and Hasamiyaki’s signature Amakusa Touseki potter’s stone.

This incredibly simple and natural dripper conveys an organic joy of connecting with earth and nature. The matt, natural aesthetics and texture reminds us of the pleasant feeling of being our natural self.

*This dripper is not glazed, so please rinse it with water and clean with a soft sponge after use. Each dripper is hand-made. It is common to find features such as the followings due to the nature of the product and its material. Any characters it may have are within tolerance unless it affects the dripping process.

Ceramic (Blend of Sandstone and Amakusa Touseki Stone)
Not suitable for dishwasher


For 1 to 2 cups
Use with wave filter 155

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