Japanese Shinano Gold Apples



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Shinano Gold apples are crunchy and have a robust, tropical aroma when sliced. The fruits are also known for their balanced, sweet-tart flavor and have low acidity with notes of citrus, honey, pineapple, and pear.

The skin is smooth and firm, ripening from pale green to golden-yellow when mature, and is sometimes covered in small, brown spots. Underneath the surface, the flesh is fine-grained, aqueous, yellow, and crisp, encasing a central core filled with small, black-brown seeds.

Shinano Gold apples are best consumed fresh and raw to enjoy its tropical aroma, and sweet, tangy flavor. The apples can also be quartered and served with dips, cheeses, and nuts, sliced and stirred into oatmeal, cereal, and yogurt, or chopped and tossed into green and fruit salads.