Hedene Rosemary Honey from Languedoc (250g)

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Sweet and green flavored
Hédène rosemary honey is creamy and sweet. Light-colored, it has green, fresh and floral overtones.

Region: Languedoc
Texture: Creamy
Flavor: Green
Intensity: Gentle

The sweetness of rosemary honey reminds acacia honey, subtle and refined. Rosemary honey has well-balanced green overtones. It can be tasted raw with a spoon or spread on toasts, just like heather honey, and its jelly texture.

Hédène rosemary honey is harvested in Languedoc in the Narbonne natural reserve. It has a green scent and a very nice flavor. With its creamy texture and a light crystallized grain in the mouth, it is distinguished by a very light color and a harmonious taste. More floral than acacia honey, it remains sweet with fresh overtones, delicately acidulous.

Blossoming starts in December and goes on until late April. Harvest happens during May.

Hédène rosemary honey can be eaten at breakfast, on a hot brioche or toasts. Thanks to its creamy texture, it spreads and melts softly on crusty bread. It can replace jam. It also matches with a glass of lukewarm milk, as a substitute for sugar. This exceptional French honey is perfect for a healthy and delicate breakfast.

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