Hedene Chestnut Honey from Perigord (250g)


Intense and woody
Hédène chestnut honey from Périgord is a full-bodied honey with a woody flavor. It is liquid and copper-dark with surprisingly powerful aromas.

Region: Périgord
Texture: Liquid
Flavor: Woody
Intensity: Intense

Harvested in France, in Périgord Regional Natural park, Hédène chestnut honey has a surprising intensity. With its woody flavor and its copper-dark reflections, it will please any epicure looking for a raw product with character. With a liquid texture, its powerful aromas are unexpected and leave a slight aftertaste of bitterness. Its warm and woody scents smell like grilled caramel. It is a full-bodied honey with long lasting aromas and a very subtle bitterness.

Chestnuts blossom from mid-June to late August. Harvest happens between August and mid-September.

This honey will please full-bodied honey lovers. It can be used in hot drinks, herbal teas, yoghurts or with cheese. Thus, it is possible to enjoy this monofloral honey at various moments of the day. It is particularly appropriate for those who want to make a honey therapy.