Greci ProntoFresco Grilled Artichokes in Sunflower Oil (800g)

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Greci ProntoFresco Carciofi Grigliati, Grilled Artichokes in Sunflower Oil

Made with 100% Italian artichokes, freshly picked during harvest season. Italy is the world’s largest producer of artichokes and southern regions of Puglia in particular, are those most suited to the natural geographic features – weather.

Fresh artichokes of selected quality, cut in half and quarters, grilled. In oil with some garlic. The crispy fried, appetizing hearts are an ideal appetizer or side dish, served as it is, and also well suited to enrich pizzas and bruschetta, stuffed sandwiches, prepared salads, tapas and cold dishes in general. Approximately 50-60 pieces of artichoke per can.

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